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Jenmon International Private Limited is a specialist in the lifting industry and was incorporated since since the beginning of the millennium as Engineering Company with its core business activities encompassing design, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of lifting equipments and other related services.

Jenmon's core business activities revolve around Industrial Lifting, Entertainment Hoists and Services.

  • Our range of standard, Industrial Lifting products is ensured of their cutting-edge technology and high-quality performance. It comprises of Gantry Cranes, Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (EOTC, EOT cranes),  Portal Cranes, Jib Cranes, Crane Components, Crane Accessories, Crane spare parts of all brands, Radio Remote Control Systems, Magnets, Industrial Power and Control Cables as well as Under the Hook Lifting Gears.Jenmon has the capacity and manufacturing facility both in Singapore and the region to produce cranes from 3 ton to 400 tons with spans as wide as 45m.

  • Our trained service teams, who are veterans in the crane business, are dedicated to ensure an operative crane in your worksite and are always ready on their feet to execute works from after sales servicing, maintenance, relocation to upgrading; whenever and wherever a call needs to be answered. 

With years of crane expertise and savoir-faire, Jenmon has worked to ensure customer satisfaction and has continued to expand its internal workforce as well as its range of products and services today. Jenmon engineers are prepared to bring practical answers to problems and needs which may come from a wide spectrum of industries that ranges from the smaller Engineering workshops to the larger industries such as the power stations or oil and gas industries.

We believe in business efficiency. Therefore, having a competitive edge in the market helps Jenmon to focus on providing quality solutions. It is the goal for Jenmon that Engineered Cranes will be made ready for special requirements and tailor-made for specific activities that can be challenging or complex. All components manufactured in Europe are controlled within ISO 9001 standard.

A good product knowledge in the industry may never be enough to respond fully to our customers; time availability, responsibility and unparalleled service are equally essential. Hence, all Jenmon engineers were cultured to be effective and well-acquainted with hoisting technologies as well as constantly nurtured to develop sharp, analytical skills so as to propose key solutions for our customers’ lifting needs.

JENMON is an ISO 9001 : 2008 Certified company.
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