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VCTS Open Winch


The VCTS Winch series includes various basic sizes suited for different uses. The load range is up to 2,000 kg to 6,000 kg and can be further increase to 400 tons, or 800 tons if used in tandem.

The Spacemaker VCTS Winch from VERLINDE provides a lifting solution for any industry and every crane service classification.

With the principle of “fewer parts mean fewer faults” carefully followed throughout its design and production, space requirements are minimized and supporting structures are reduced. The small space requirement and the lightweight, durable construction of VCTS Winch lead to optimization of the work area to the users benefit.

Fewer parts and a smaller structure also reduce trolley weight. Compared to any other type of hoisting trolley, the VCTS Winch enables a reduction in the structural requirements of rail, runway beams and columns, and in the overall height of the building. Consequently, the VCTS Winch begins its own payback by reducing building construction costs.

Furthermore, with everything simplified to the minimum, maintenance is reduced and the need for a large supply of spares is avoided.

Thanks to VERLINDE’s technology, serial production and strict quality control procedures, the VCTS Winch is highly reliable and easy to maintain.

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