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 CONTROL SYSTEMS - Wireless Radio Frequency Control System


Light-weight ergonomic radio remote control transmitter with advanced dual-processor electronics for use on cranes,lifting equipment and machines.

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TC100 Handy

The TC100 HANDY combines reliability and convenience by means of intelligent technology and ergonomic design. The transmitter can easily be operated single-handed. The TC100 HANDY is an inexpensive alternative to cable-based crane controls. Innovative technology permits master/slave operation or tandem operation.

Standard Model :

  • 6 dual pressure pushbuttons with perceptible pressure point
  • 3 pushbuttons
  • 1 mushroom-head switch for stop-function
  • 1 electronic selector switch
  • 1 key switch

Latest synthesizer technology enables the operator to set or adjust frequencies by means of DIP-switches. A carrying bag with or without a side window is available. Contact us for more details.

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TC100 Mini

The TC100 MINI combines innovative technology with perfect design. The transmitter is robust and ergonomic in design.

Standard Model :

  • 1 single axis joystick for 1 two-step drive 2-0-2
  • 1 dual axis joystick for 2 two-step drives 2-0-2
  • 2 pushbuttons
  • 1 pushbutton on the side
  • 1 mushroom-head switch for stop-function
  • 1 key switch
  • 1 three-way selector switch
Synthesizing technology and tandem operation are integral components of the TC100 MINI-technology and optionally available. In addition to the basic version the TC100 MINI is available with customized transmitter designs.

Option - Various Harness for convenience

TC100 Receiver

The TC100 RECEIVER is fitted with a cable-gland, 16 output relays, 14 normal-open contacts and 2 change-over contacts. Flexible choice of frequency and various receiver designs enable the device to be used in a wide range of applications.
Standard Model :
  • AC power supply unit 48V, 115V, 230 V-AC, 50/60 Hz
  • DC power supply unit 12V, 24V, 48V
  • Synthesizer RF-module
  • Stop function according to EN 954, cat. 3
  • 500 ms passive stop time
  • Redundant passive stop circuits
  • Relay switching power AC 4A/250 V
  • Frequency setting via DIP-switches or auto scan
  • PC-interface for diagnosis
  • System address with parity 16 bit
  • Cable gland as standard connection
  • Protection class IP65
Contact us for more details.

EUROMOTE - Push Button Pendant Control

The EUROMOTE remote control systems have been especially designed for use with the EUROBLOC and EUROCHAIN hoisting tackles and the crane components. Adapted to the strictest and the most complicated industrial conditions, the EUROMOTE remote control systems stand out above the rest in terms of their user friendliness, great flexibility and reliability. They serve to increase the productivity of your operators and the safety of lifting manœuvre and to achieve shorter down-times.

Contact us for more details.

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Motorized Cable Drum

Motor-driven Cable and Hose Reels
Available for both vertical and horizontal applications as well as continuous and intermittent duty, the range includes the Hydrodynamic systems, the Torque motor, the Permanent Magnet Clutches, the Electromagnetic Clutches and, for the largest reels, the Direct Torque Control.

Spring-driven Hose and Cable Reels
They are used in service workshops, in garages and in general industries. They are supplied with standard hose or cables, these reels are made in painted steel, with the drum mounted on two sealed ball bearings and rotating swivels in stainless steel and brass.

Flexible Cables
The range includes control cables, power cables, cables including fiber optics and Kevlar reinforced cable for high stress operations.

Contact us for more details.


Festoon and Fully Enclosed Power System

Our supply system is a compact, reliable and safe current supply system for cranes, hoists, monorail systems, conveyer belts and many more.

This is the perfect insulated conductor system with continuous conductors for current capacities 35A, 50A, 80A, 125A and 160A. The basic design of AKAPP 4-Ductor is a channel housing in which 4 slots are prepared to accommodate copper conductors. The flat conductors are installed without the need for joints. Contact us for more details.

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Motorized wheel blocks and idle wheels or complete End Carriage set. Bogie design wheels are also available.
The End Carriage for Overhead Traveling Cranes wheel blocks and Drive units system is an advanced rail mounted range engineered to displace loads at variable speeds. The wheel block travel units system is designed for an accurate handling with minimal maintenance needed when under dynamic load tests. Stringent testing and multi-stage quality control ensure maximum safety and reliability. Contact us for more details.
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Lifting magnets for all types of lift are available
These heavy-duty plate lifting magnets are designed to be compact, low weight, high strength and reliable with full respect to industrial safety requirements. Ideal for handling single plates in stock yard of large fabrication shops and for loading of plates on flame cutting machines, they are most effective in ship building industries. It can handle both small and large plates by moving telescopic arm that hangs the magnets. It is also equipped with a telescopic spreader beam with adjustable arm for lifting plates up to 12 m long and 20 MT load. Contact us for more details.
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