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Industrial - standard crane


 Crane Systems


Designed to meet our customer’s individual requirements in the most arduous industrial applications using modern design technology and quality modular system components. Jenmon manufacture a complete range of cranes from Overhead Cranes to Gantry Cranes. All cranes are conformed to Singapore Standard SS 497:2002 and DIN 15018.

Crane of unique specifications with up to capacity of 200 tons is available upon request.


 gantry Crane

 Double Girder Gantry Crane    Single Girder Gantry Crane


Single Girder
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
Double Girder
Electric Overhead Traveling Crane
Single Girder
Under-running Traveling Crane
Single Girder (Chain Hoist)
Under-running Traveling Crane
 Double Girder
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
  Single Girder
Electric Overhead Travelling Crane
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 Eurosystem ® 2000


Load capacity range from 125 to 2,000 kg

Eurosystem 2000 is based on a special hollow profile, which is manufactured in cold-formed metal sheets in order to obtain an extremely smooth and regular surface. The closed structure of the profile makes it possible to keep the inside of the running surface clean.

The Eurosystem overhead handling system can be perfectly adapted to your work-site layout or production line and offers a variety of possible configurations.

Eurosystem offers a wide range of possibilities: monorail system, runway, single-girder overhead crane, double-girder overhead crane, single or multiple track systems with changes of direction.

Main Characteristics :
  • Reduced headroom (increased working height)
  • Easy movement due to excellent rolling friction coefficient
  • Easily extendable monorail tracks, runways, circuits, thanks to the modular system design
  • Installation and fixation done by simple bolting
  • A variety of fixation types that can be adapted to all types of structure (steel beams, wood, concrete, etc)
  • Less force/wear applied to carrying structure thanks to the suspended design of the system.
  • Almost zero upkeep required
  • Esthetically pleasing to the eye, harmonious installations
  • Great flexibility
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 Slewing Jib Crane


Slewing Jib cranes are typically usefully in workstations. Unlike the overhead cranes, the Slewing Jib Crane is dedicated each to a workstation to increase the efficiency of your production.

We provide a range of Slewing Jib Cranes from Pillar or Wall-Mounted type to Manual or Motorized type with rotation up to 360 degrees at various out reach depending on the capacity.

Jib cranes, whether they are mounted on a wall or on a column, are intelligent and inexpensive handling systems that do not require installing or modification. They are space-saving and they allow a building structure to enable transportation of goods on a three-dimensional plane.

Useful in any industrial sector: foundries, boiler works, mechanical works, paper factories and many more. These autonomic machines are the ideal complement for the traveling cranes used in every section of an industrial plant.

We offer 4 kinds of jib cranes:
  • The wall-mounted jib crane fitted onto a wall or a post, able to service a 180° section over a span up to 7 m
  • The jib crane mounted onto a column, with partial rotation capability and totally independent from the building, anchored to the ground. It can service a work area of up to 270° over a span up to 7 m
  • “TEMPLIER”, an articulated jib crane, easily handles loads from 50 to 1,000 kg, over a 5 to 2 m span, almost full circle, and practically no dead space (the articulated arm allows working around obstacles)
  • The rotating jib cranes mounted onto a column is the most effecient: It handles from 500 to 5,000 kg. of load and over an area with a span up to 12 m
Special manufacturing and adaptations
  • Jib cranes for heights and span that are greater than the standard features
  • Stainless steel jib cranes
  • Manual rotation controlled by means of a wheel and endless chain (only jib cranes mounted on a wall or column with partial rotation capability)
  • Explosion-proof and spark-proof jib cranes
The lifting devices best adapted to your needs:

P.H.D. manual chain hoist

Capacity: 250 to 10,000 kg

electric wire rope hoist

Monorail, normal headroom. Capacity: 800 to 100,000 kg

electric chain hoist

Single or two-speed motor. Capacity: 60 to 7,500 kg

electric belt hoist

Capacity: 500 to 2,000 kg

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