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Entertainment - Stagemaker


The STAGEMAKER COMPACT® is designed for handling stage and theatrical equipment; it enables the safe and accurate positioning of speakers, lighting systems, stage sets, sceneries etc...

The STAGEMAKER COMPACT® hoists are CE marked and also conform to the North American CSA regulations.

The STAGEMAKER COMPACT®’s features and options make it the better choice for a demanding customer; its low weight makes it ideal for touring events, its compact sizes makes it fit perfectly inside the truss structures, its quietness makes it ideal for running during performances, even in theatres. The real benefits come from years of experience, long term R&D investigations and co-operation with the entertainment industry customers.

Main Characteristics :

  • Lifting Motor class F
  • Increased safety due to load limiter behind the brake
  • Electromechanical disk brake
  • Solid-state brake control
  • Pivoting upper and lower hook.
  • Compact dimensions
  • Dark painted (RAL 7021)
  • Chain bucket
  • Housing made of alluminium pressure casting
  • Load wheel with 5 pockets
  • Special chain guide avoids jamming
  • Flexible handgrips for easy transportation
  • Upright and inverted use (SM5 and SM10 only)
  • Power supply 400v-3Ph-50Hz/460-60Hz-3Ph

Options :

  • Built-in encoder
  • Load measuring system
  • Electronic load monitor
  • Pendent control
  • Two speed motors
  • Compact dimensions
  • Variable speed
  • Double brake
  • BGV-C1 (VBG-70) execution
  • Gear limit-switches 2 or 4 steps
  • Hour counter
  • Low voltage control (48 volt)
  • Compact flight case for one or two motors


Special features :
Gearbox Load wheel with 5 pockets Electric Panel
The revolutionary planetary gearbox contributes to the compact hoist design. The sintered gear wheels which are grease lubricated leads to an exceptionally low noise level. Folding transport handles. The hoist body in injection-moulded aluminum reduces the weight. The ribs of the motor area ensures efficient heat dissipation even at 240 starts per hour. The hoist is protected by 80-micron dark epoxy paint RAL 7021.
Load wheel with 5 pockets, heat-treated and ground are made in one production step on a machine centre. Black load grade 800. The 5-pocket load wheel minimises the stress in the chain and reduces the bouncing effect of the load. A perfect chain guide prevents the chain from jamming inside, regardless the position of the motor.
Large and integral steel plated electric panel encloses all electrical components and offers space for additional options. It provides easy access for any maintenance operation. (IP55/NEMA 3R).

 STAGEMAKER® Controllers

Series SC – R&F
Controller SC4 Controller R8PRM
The STAGEMAKER ® CONTROLLER has been developed specifically for the control of STAGEMAKER® motor (chain hoists) series SM. The controllers are available with 4 or 8 channels and built into a compact suitcase; a 19" rack casing or vertical flight case.
The STAGEMAKER ® CONTROLLER allows you to control the motors individually or simultaneously with one single button. Pre-selection facilities for all units, RM models with remote button box incorporate red and green LED indicators, which indicate the selected hoisting direction. Even STAGEMAKER® hoists equipped with optional features, such as low voltage circuitry, adjustable limit switches and thermal motor protection can be controlled with this controller still using only the power cable.
For larger applications, STAGEMAKER ® CONTROLLERS can be interconnected to serve a system up to 40 motors. All pre-selected motors are activated simultaneously through one single RUN button, as a standard. Other configurations are available on request. STAGEMAKER ® CONTROLLERS fully meet the latest European electrical standards (IEC & EMC) and have been approved by official European institutes. They offer a maximum flexibility, durability and safety.
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