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“Verlinde hoist—The VT new concept engineered to achieve a virtual Vertical Lifting (The pulley block caters only a slight lateral shift during hoisting) for a fine positioning of your load.”

Electric Hoist

Built with state-of-the-art technology, top performance and engineering precision, our electric hoists come with 2 years warranty* and unbeatable quality. * Terms & Conditions apply. Read more


Manual Hoists & Winches

Our manual hoist range is economic, compact and easy to transport. Its design is ideal for construction, assembly and maintenance operations and are suitable for small and light-weight units. Read more


Explosion-Proof Hoists

Designed with a close awareness of our customers' requirements and usages in a diverse industry as in chemical, petrol & gas, we take safety as a crucial factor. Read more



We have systems that range from hollow profile to keep the inner space clean to Overhead Single/Double girder, Gantry cranes, Electric Overhead Travelling Cranes (EOT cranes, EOTC), Portal Cranes and Jib cranes. Read more


Accessories & Parts

To each customer, their own unique need and preferences. Find out what else you can have to boost efficiency in your production site. Read more


Goods Hoists

Goods Hoist is extremely useful for transporting of goods for various floors. Customized to your needs, the Goods hoist is quality assured and a good investment value for money. Read more


VCTS Open Winch

The VCTS Winch series includes various basic sizes suited for different uses. The load range is up to 2,000 kg to 6,000 kg and can be further increase to 400 tons, or 800 tons if used in tandem. Read more


Engineered Cranes

At Jenmon, we understand that some cranes need special engineering to meet maximum performance.

Contact us for FREE consultation.


Entertainment Hoists

Activate your senses and make art into life with STAGEMAKER ® whose compact and light structure makes it an ideal Must-Have for all entertainment industry. Read more

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 VT Block Sub-Assembly

1. Hoisting motor
2. Hoisting gear
3. Connection box + gear limit switch
4. Rope drum
5. Hook
6. Travel wheel
7. Counterweight
8. Travelling machinery
9. Electrical cubicle
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