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Jenmon's team of technical specialists are well-trained and are consistently updated with the latest technology relating to the crane industry.

Fully equipped to serve our clients and complete with all brand's parts, Jenmon is always ready to keep your cranes up and running.

Our services :


 24 Hours Stand-by Service


Due to the functioning nature of certain heavy industry companies, some manufacturers run their machineries, equipment and production line 24h/7. In rare cases, unforeseen problems might occur outside the normal working hours with varied reasons and circumstances. Since we have set our aim in business motivation to be your success as our success, Jenmon understands of such needs that have to be met. Our 24 Hours Stand-by Service makes sure that you have the necessary support and production assurance at anytime of the day, wherever you may be.

A day procrastinated might increase the risk of a higher cost incurred in your servicing needs. A wise decision made will reap a thousand rewards. Simply call our hotline at (+91) 9840 745811 to get your crane assured today.


 Inspection & Load Testing


Performing inspection works on your crane is a preliminary step for critical maintenance and servicing decisions. Inspection exercise and Load testing with a certified PE Submission is a necessity for every newly built crane. Therefore, understanding such a significant need that has to be met that requires a certain expertise, we are here to provide for you a one-time or a regular inspection for the sustainability of your crane.

All of your cranes and hoists must be certified with a load test at 125% of capacity before they are allowed to operate officially.

Jenmon can efficiently perform certified load tests on equipment with capacities ranging from 250 kg to 100,000 kg. When required, we will also provide the test loads and water weight bags for higher capacities.


 Motor Rewinding Services

For certain conditions and circumstances, you can reuse your motor through electrical rewinding. We can handle all of your motor repair needs and give your motor a total mechanical attention. In the package, we can remove broken and scored shafts, fabricate new shafts or resurface worn areas, or replace roller and ball bearings. This is a one-stop shop for a complete motor solution!

 Spare parts of all Brands of crane


If you have a variety of cranes of different brands and are spending time to source for their replacement parts, we are your answer!

With Jenmon, you can save time from searching and cut the extra funds from acquiring old parts from middlemen. We are your source for quality replacement parts for all makes of cranes, hoists & accessories at a price that's surely within your budget.

Contact us now for FREE consultation at (+91) 9840 745811

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