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 Maintenance & Service Agreement


At Jenmon, we are offering our Maintenance & Service Agreement where you can enjoy unbeatable low rates in the market for Scheduled Maintenance, Emergency Breakdown Service, Ad-hoc services as well as Workshop Repairs. With no extra charges for this Agreement, simply call our friendly service engineer to receive a copy of our Maintenance & Service Agreement immediately.

Prevention is better than cure. So why wait? This FREE Agreement will no doubt help you to cut cost in so many ways and is available for any crane owners in Singapore.

Call us now for more information at (+91) 9840 745811
Download Service & Maintenance Brochure (pdf)




To be and to remain a market leader in our industry, Jenmon saw the need to help our present and future customers see the importance of a prevention program that will assure them of a continuous and smooth operation in their production centers during the lifetime of their cranes.

By scheduling routine maintenance works and check-ups, you will not only prevent any breakdowns and compliance violations but also life-threatening matters. Furthermore, this in turn will help you and your company save an incredulous amount of time, resources and money.

How routine crane maintenance can benefit you :
  • Lower your maintenance cost through scheduled routine checks
  • Extend your equipment's life span
  • Decrease the risk of injuries and property damages due to equipment failures
  • Reduce unanticipated breakdowns and maintain smooth production
  • Need for components repair can be detected during the routine check-up, which in turn helps your company to plan a safe shutdown period that might not affect production time.
  • With your crane maintained regularly, your personnel will then be able to focus on other production machinery within the production plant
  • Receive free recommendations and advices from Jenmon's Crane experts


Emergency Breakdown Response

Our technical specialists are on-call 24 hours a day for any emergency breakdown cases.

Over the years, the same technical specialists have been working on overhead cranes, hoists, jib cranes, gantry cranes, engineered cranes and the likes.

We service all kinds of crane regardless of the original manufacturer and the number of years the cranes were used.

Upon your call, our technical specialists will be ready with the necessary tools to diagnose and repair the breakdown. Repair can be done either on-site or in our workshop.

*Rates will differ upon the location of repair. Contact us at (+91) 9840 745811 for rates.

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