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If you have an existing older cranes, from Overhead Cranes to Gantry Cranes or any kind of cranes, that needs a renewing hand, our Service team are able to improve you cranes to a higher level of productivity and safety through our modernization and refurbishment programs.

At Jenmon, we understand our customers' constantly growing needs and demands to increase production capacity with the times. It is a fact that heavy-duty process cranes will go through upgrading works at least once in their lifetime for a more cost-effective solution. This service section is especially created to provide modernization to any crane brand and any crane parts that you are utilizing.

Reasons why you will need to upgrade your old crane(s) :
  • Improve crane control
  • Re-model your crane to meet the current production demands
  • Comply with safety regulations
  • Prevent downtimes
  • Safe cost from complicated maintenances and emergency repairs
  • Be ready to get your cranes up and running again through renewal of spare parts in cases of emergency breakdowns. Unlike older version of cranes, the new parts are readily available in the market.
Our Service team serves your old crane by:
  • Increasing the capacity
  • Increasing the level of speed
  • Altering the Height of lift
  • Improving the reliability and safety aspects
  • Upgrading to meet today's standards and regulations
  • Improving crane positioning systems
  • Improving the load handling parts
  • Advancing speed and motion controls
  • Convert cab to pendant
  • Adding radio and infrared remote controls
  • Upgrading the electrification systems
  • Upgrading major mechanical components



Re-installing lifting equipment requires a good number of experience and expertise to avoid grave safety issues. With Jenmon, you can be rest assured that our technical team will relocate every part and component of your crane and reassemble them like they were before with a great amount of care and attention.

We are able to move Standard or Engineered Cranes, be it old or new; install runways and electrification systems; arrange for police escort, etc.

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